These caps for your cans will take the pressure off finishing your drink in one go

trending 18/12/2019

Summer is well and truly here. BBQs are on. Drinking in the sun. Cracking open a fresh can... but now you have to finish it before you can carry on with the fun. 

Cans are a bit bitter sweet - they keep your drink super nice and cool, but once they're open, they're open. And more often than not you'll feel like you have to finish your drink without being able to leave it down and come back to it later.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief though, because the pressure's off - just chuck on one of these can caps and keep going about your business this summer. Then come back to it later, good as new. Why have we never thought of this before. 

These Canper's Reusable Can Caps can be fulled closed, so not only will your drink stay clean and untouched, but it'll hold carbonation longer too. They also stop you from having to mouth the can, which could have been touched by anyone and anything before you bought it - yuck. 

They may not be the coolest design, but you could always redecorate them with your own stickers. We'd rather have a clean drink than be worried about it looking cool though.

Check them out here - could be a good Secret Santa gift for those lagging behind.