Kim Kardashian's insane paycheck from her 'Uber Eats' ad with Kath and Kim's Sharon

scandal 03/12/2019

Last month, Kim Kardashian and Kath & Kim's Sharon teamed up for one of the most iconic collabs of the year.

Netball outfit and all, Kim joined Sharon on the couch of her aussie home while getting a lesson in how to properly say 'noice'.

As you'd imagine, the video quickly recieved hundreds of thousands of views but something that went up by even more than that was Kim K's bank account...

According to NW magazine, Kim was paid roughly $2 million AUD for the Oscar worthy performance.

Magda Szubanski, who plays Sharon, said Kim initially was confused by the ad and had no idea what netball was.

'At first, she thought it was some kind of joke about the Met Ball. And it's the most anti-fashion ad that you can imagine!' she revealed.