Christmas beer pong jumpers are a thing and omg

trending 05/12/2019

Your ugly Christmas sweater just got a whole lot more exciting. A tacky, festive jumper and a drinking game in one?! Count us in!

Spice up your family Christmas this year by literally wearing the party - these Chrissy sweaters come with 6 detachable beer pong cups and 6 pong balls, and tbh we're kind of annoyed we didn't think of this sooner. 

The idea is pretty simple - put on the sweater and you becoming a walking beer pong table. The velcro strips on the jumper hold each cup firmly in place even when they're filled halfway with beer or your drink of choice. You could even order two to make the game more like the real thing. 

You can grab them from Amazon here, or if you're feeling creative you could even craft your own! Just make sure you use quality materials to keep the cups in place and make sure the jumper is easily washable for any spills. 

We didn't think Christmas could get more exciting but it just did.