A pool-sharing app has launched in Aussie and we need it

trending 18/12/2019

Always tryna get the invite from that one friend/really vague acquaintance to come round and use their pool? Well some genius has decided to take the awkwardness out of just wanting to cool off in the summer sun.

Pool-sharing company Swimply has just launched across the Tasman in Aussie, and we're feeling pretty jealous. The company works basically like an AirBnB for pools - you search for pools available nearby and you just book out a time slot. How good?!

The best part? You don't have to awkwardly ask any neighbours, friends or foes if you can come round to use the pool. Or jump the fence to someone's place that's gone away on holiday...

Swimply was found in the US by Bunim Laskin, who got his start by literally looking up neighbourhoods on Google Earth to find out who had a pool, then going around knocking on their doors. Pure genius.

Here's hoping someone jumps on board with this idea over here in little ol' NZ before the summer hols kick off. We need pools too guys! 

Check it out here, and dream of all the amazing pools you could have access to... we're sorry.