The End Of The F***ing World creator says it won't be coming back for a third season

scandal 15/11/2019

If you've already binged your way through The End Of The F***ing World when it returned for its second season on Netflix - you'll be gutted to know that the show's creator has revealed that it won't be coming back for a third season.

The show's creator Charlie Covell told the Radio Times, "I think, for me, that's it now. Yeah, that's done. I think to try and eke more out would be wrong, I like where we've left it."

For her it's more important to make sure the story ends when it is supposed to, rather than dragging the story out just for the sake of creating more eps and giving into pressure.

"Put it this way, if for some reason we hadn't been allowed to do season two, I would have been really gutted. Which I think shows that it was the right thing to do - for me, anyway. And I think I like where we end it [in season two], and yeah, it feels right for the story."

So enjoy the rest of The End of the F***ing World while you can, before it's the end of the world for the show itself.