Rick and Morty Season 4 release date has been revealed

trending 07/11/2019

Good news, broh! Everyone's favourite alcoholic, nihilistic, genius jerk is almost back on our screens.

The new season of Rick and Morty is only a couple of days away!

In May 2018, Adult Swim announced that the Network’s flagship Animated Series, Rick and Morty, would not only return for a Season 4, but that fans could expect 70 new episodes dolled out over the next few years.

The only question was: when the heck would Season 4 actually roll around?

In the US, it's been confirmed that the new season will be available November 10th on Adult Swim.

In the UK, the show’s fourth season will be split between two parts, with the first five episodes starting in November and the rest landing in 2020.

As for how to watch it (legitimately) in NZ, we'll leave that up to you to figure out... 😜