Pink announces she's taking a break from music to focus on her family

scandal 15/11/2019

Heads up Pink fans, your favourite singer is planning a break from music.

While on the red carpet of the Country Music Association Awards this week, Pink shared the news that she's putting down her glass to spend more time with her family in 2020.

"We did two and a half years [of music], and Willow’s back in school now,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

"Jameson’s going to start preschool soon. It’s kind of the year of the family. And Carey has a lot going on as well. He’s super supportive. He follows me around the world and now it’s his turn.”

Pink and Carey Hart have been married for nearly 14 years now which the singer says he deserves a "trophy" for.

"We used to make a big deal out of it, now we're just lucky to be together," she continued.