New Netflix doco 'The Devil Next Door' is fascinating viewers

trending 08/11/2019

You know we love a true crime doco, and the latest one is apparently pretty gripping. 

Netflix's latest true crime documentary 'The Devil Next Door' tells the shocking story of a suspected former Nazi guard living under a new name in the US. TELL US MORE.

The five-part series centres on John Demjanjuk who's a retired mechanice who lived with his family in Cleveland, Ohio back in the 80s.

A group of Holocaust survivors had identified Demjanjuk as 'Ivan the Terrible' though, a famous Nazi death camp guard who tortured and killed thousands of Jewish people throughout World War II.

Concentration camp survivors found an ID card with the name Ivan the Terrible, which had a photo of the man they said later changed his name from Ivan to John. Because of this, Demjanjuk was deported to Israel where he stood trial for crimes against humanity. 

"Israel is transfixed as a media frenzy erupts around the trial in Jerusalem, the nation plunged into trauma and fascination by 'the trial of the century'. As the case uncovers dark corners of memory and the horrors of war, the Demjanjuk case becomes a race against time for the defendant and his alleged victims," reads the Netflix summary. 

Demjanjuk always maintained that he was innocent, but was found guilty by trial and sentenced to death by hanging. BUT THEN the conviction was overturned due to 'reasonable doubt' over John and Ivan being one in the same. 

The doco is on Netflix for viewing now, but a word of warning before you jump into a binge: this is some heavy shiz, and can be pretty unsettling. If you love true crime or are interested in history though, we can pretty much guarantee you'll love it.