Lili Reinhart reveals the downside of playing Betty Cooper

scandal 11/11/2019

Lili Reinhart has revealed the worst part about playing Better Cooper on Riverdale.

Betty's ponytail is a signature part of her character, but what we didn't know was how damaging this was on Lili's real hair!

She opened up in an interview about the issues that come with that perfect pony. 

My hair is damaged as hell from being on my show and just from heat styling in general...

She works hard to try to protect her hair the best she can with products such as Kerastase and Olaplex. 

This seemingly perfect ponytail isn't as easy to create as it looks, Lili says,


This ponytail causes me stress,

It takes a long time [to style], longer than you'd think, and it's really annoying and very frustrating. It's just the fact that it's really hard to get it perfect... That's my biggest struggle. Being on camera, you can't have flyaways, so I'm looking at my head probably 70 times a day to make sure that my hair is in place. I hate that it's very high maintenance." 

She even said that if she were to get a role outside of Riverdale with new hair colour, she would insist on a wig due to the damage her hair faced. Not that we have been on Riverdale but know the pain of trying to revive damaged hair!