Harry Potter fans outraged after a wizard-themed Fyre Festival

scandal 24/11/2019

Newshub's Sarah Templeton writes, Canadian Harry Potter fans have been left furious and out of pocket after a paying for a wizard-themed event which has been likened to some sort of wizarding Fyre Festival. 

Paying CD$50 (NZ$58) for tickets, fans were promised a "world of magical wonder" over the weekend by organisers LOL Event Group, in the now-deleted event page. 

Excited, robe-wearing Potterheads turned up expecting themed alcoholic drinks like Boozy Butterbeer, Polyjuice Potion, Unicorn Blood and Hair of the Multi-Headed Dog, as well as delicious treats including Luna Love's Pudding, Ron Family Sweater Cookies, Butterscotch Beer Popcorn and Cauldron Cakes.

But when they arrived at the local Rialto Theatre, they were met with a scene which some claimed was worse than a child's birthday. 

According to Vice, almost none of the activities, treats or decorations promised in descriptions of the event were present that night. 

Attendees shared pictures online of the grim reality of the evening, including trays of lukewarm, toothpicked snacks in oven trays, and signs scrawled with "Magic This Way". 

Instead of speciality cocktails, there were cups of gin or vodka sodas.

The table of 'wands' - 'Baguette Maguique' in French - was simply a table of chopsticks you could decorate with glitter, if you were so inclined. 

"It was just so shockingly bad," one attendee, Georgiana Elias, told CBC. "I wouldn't even make an activity like this for children."

Elias went on to call the event "our own little Fyre Festival", referring to the disastrous and fraudulent "luxury" music festival which was the subject of a Netflix documentary earlier this year. 

Attendees are calling for refunds on a Facebook page entitled 'I was Cheated by LOL Event Group'. 

Organisers have not made an official statement about the event.

SOURCE: Newshub's Sarah Templeton.