Gossip Girl was originally never meant to be Dan Humphrey

scandal 13/11/2019

Dan Humphrey wasn't supposed to be 'Gossip Girl', according to a show's Producer!

Fans' reactions to Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey being the devious blogger all those years were pretty polarizing, since there were so many reasons why that plot twist would make no sense.

Now, it's been revealed that Dan Humphrey wasn't actually supposed to be 'Gossip Girl', and the original plan might be even more surprising than what ended up panning out!

Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran revealed some new information about the original series:

Dan was not my  intended Gossip Girl, so honestly, you'd have to ask someone else.

He understands the decision to make Dan 'Gossip Girl', but while he was working the show he "had his heart set on Nate."

One of the writers realized that Nate had never sent a tip in to Gossip Girl, which is true at least through the end of Season 5. Nate never sent a tip in through all of those episodes, which is when we're like, 'Oh, well then he's Gossip Girl.'

Nate was always so nice (and hot AF) on Gossip Girl, so it's hard to picture him stirring up all the major drama 'Gossip Girl' did over the years!