Fans upset after missing out on Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's new collab

scandal 04/11/2019

The highly anticipated makeup collab with Jeffer Star and Shane Dawson has launched, but in true them style, there has been some drama. 

Fans are upset after feeling ripped off after waiting in line for hours and then their purchases would be sold out when they got to the checkout. Adding to that stress, people reported the website kept failing on them. 

To the credit of Jeffree and Shane the website problems are def out of their control. 

Jeffree took to his Instagram to post on his story very stressed as it took him hours for the website just to refresh!

Hey guys, I can't believe any of this is even happening, we're two hours in and here's the real motherf*cking tea.

"The platform we use to sell our makeup is called Shopify," 

"A lot of people use it, Yeezy's, Kylie, ColourPop, everyone. There has been so much traffic me and Shane combined, broke the platform.

"Like we've been sitting here, now we're on hour two," Jeffree continues, "And tons of people are being checked out per minute, but there was so much traffic, it broke the front end, it broke the back end, everything is f*cked. 

Y'all broke the internet.