Disney+ teases more of the TV shows and movies we'll be able to watch in NZ

scandal 14/11/2019

Disney Plus has teased Kiwis with more of what they can expect when the streaming service launches next week, but won't release a full list of its content.

The content provider, stylised as Disney+, launched in the US this week before it becomes available in Aotearoa on November 19.

Disney Plus's US launch made headlines with its technical difficulties, presenting The Simpsons in the 'wrong' format, a new who-shot-first controversy for Star Wars and disclaimers about "outdated cultural depictions".

But the company claimed an impressive 10 million sign-ups a day after launching, while rival Netflix streaming service has reportedly amassed 158 million since launching in 2007.

While Disney Plus isn't yet letting potential Kiwi customers know everything they'll be paying for, dozens of new titles have been confirmed on Thursday in a brief online video which flashes promotional posters.

"Here's a taste of New Zealand’s #DisneyPlus launch line-up. And this isn't the half of it," Disney Plus NZ captioned the post.

The full list of everything US Disney Plus customers can watch was revealed in October.

SOURCE: Newshub's Daniel Rutledge.