Chris Lilley wants to do a Mr. G spin-off series and we're so here for it

scandal 01/11/2019

Summer Heights High was the absolute peak of comedy when it hit our screens back in 2007, with one of our faves always being the over the top drama teacher Mr. G. 

Chris Lilley, who is the creator and actor for all of the most popular characters, blessed us with spin-off shows for Ja'mie and Jonah, and now he might be bringing us a show all about Mr. G!

During a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' thread, user ShannonNoll (we don't know if it's actually the iconic Aussie pop singer...) asked Chris Lilley if there would ever be a Mr. G spin-off series, to which Chris replied:

"Yeah probs. They'll all come back eventually."

Ok, so it's not actually confirmation, but it definitely gives us hope. 

When another user asked if he would bring back Summer Heights High in some way, shape or form, he replied with: "Yeah I loved that show too and would like to in some form. Ja'mie: Private School Girl and Jonah From Tonga were Summer Heights High spin-offs but there could be more..."

One thing that's definitely certain though: Chris adores the memes that have spawned from the show:

"I am obsessed with the memes and repost them constantly," he said. "It's the greatest thing ever for people to pick up on the details and analyse these shows the way that the meme pages do,"

"I also love it when they take a pic or video and give it a completely new context and it's still funny or even more funny,"

"I'm amazed at how popular all of the meme pages are. And also can't believe how much work you all put into it. It makes my day every day."