Auckland's getting rid of every Lime scooter

scandal 29/11/2019

Auckland Council is getting rid of Lime scooters in Auckland.

After the council's trial period for e-scooters there are four new operators - Beam, Flamingo, Neuron and Jump - who have each been granted a licence to put a total of 3200 scooters on the streets.

Unfortunately Lime wasn't one of them.

A spokesperson for the council explained that the new operators had stronger cases and more safety plans in place:

"The successful applications included higher quality strategies around influencing user behaviour to improve safety outcomes and reduce potential nuisance."

"We have also explored a number of enhanced initiatives, including the deactivation of scooters outside of licensed hours, a curfew in entertainment areas and parking enforcement and initiatives."

The council hopes the NZ Transport Agency will come up with new rules in the next couple of months to address speed, helmets and where e-scooters can be used.