YouTube's Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson share the first look at their new palette

scandal 30/10/2019

Stop what you're doing, we've finally got our first look at Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's new palette!

As part of a nine-part series, the YouTubers have finally spilled the goss about their new 'Conspiracy' collection. 

Writing on Twitter, Dawson said "IM FREAKING OUT!!!! AHHH!!!!! please tweet me your live reactions to everything!! we’ve been working on all this for so long im so happy you can see it!! 😭😭😭” and “I’ve never been more proud of a project in my entire life… 👁 Here is the #ShanexJeffree Collection reveal!!!!”

The collection will be available from November 1st but to see the full run down of the new collection, check out the video below!