WATCH: You can now get married at Maccas for only $600

trending 11/10/2019

Weddings are extremely expensive, with Bride to Be magazine reporting the average cost of an Australian wedding to be $65,482. WHAT?!

Don't stress though, if getting married is in your near plans but your bank account is looking a little worse for wear, Maccas has you covered. 

That's right, McDonald's are now hosting wedding receptions and bridal shower. We never thought we'd see the day. 

15 Maccas restaurants in Hong Kong are now offering four different wedding packages, ranging from $607 NZD to $2025 NZD. That's sounding like a much more reasonable cost than your average wedding, plus: McNuggets!

Packages include invitations, guest favours, balloon bouquets and a tiered apple pie wedding cake which sounds INSANE. 

One Youtuber, 26-year-old Safiya Nygaard, decided to travel with her fiance Tyler Williams to experience the fast food nuptials first hand. You can watch her experience above.

@Maccas, reckon we could get this introduced over here? K thnx.