WATCH: Most excitable dog we've ever seen caught flying while on walk

trending 25/10/2019

Having a ruff day? Here's something to cheer you up: quite possibly the happiest pooch in the world. 

Originally posted by a Reddit user, a video captured an amazing moment of a woman taking her dog for a walk, and the dog bouncing impossibly high over and over in happiness. Our hearts!

We dare you not to smile while watching this. 

We think the best thing about the vid is how chill the owner looks in contrast to the pure joy of the dog having the time of his life. She's clearly used to it, which means the pup is always this happy, and that makes us happy.

One user commented on the post saying: "That looks like a Bearded Collie. My mom bread and showed them for 20 years. They are know for being springy. It’s called the beardy bounce." You're telling us there are more?! Where have they been all our lives!

We hope this happy doggo has made your day that little bit brighter. You're welcome.