This woman pretended to be a bush to capture sisters engagement

trending 04/10/2019

We actually feel this girl so hard. 

Therese Merkel, 23, was asked by her sisters boyfriend to be there during their engagement, and ended up dressing up as a bush for the big moment. How bloody good is that. 

In secret, Therese and Andrew (the boyfriend) planned the big day: 

"We came up with a ton of hilarious ideas that were totally ridiculous. We were like, how funny would it be if I was a bush or something?" said Therese.

Then Andrew sent her a pic of the brand-new ghillie suit he'd bought her and the rest is history.

"I even told Andrew, 'Is this going to ruin the vibe of the romance?'" Therese said, but Andrew assured her it would be perfect.

On the actual day, Andrew picked a beautiful spot at a local conservation site and decorated it with Rachel's fave flowers, lanterns and other decorations. 

Meanwhile, Therese was crouched in the bushes all dressed up. What an actual legend.

"She was so well hidden with the ghillie suit in the bushes that I couldn’t find her so I was nervous that she wasn’t even there," Andrew said.

After he popped the question, Therese waited a moment before popping out, much to Rachel's surprise, yelling, "SHE SAID YES, SHE SAID YES!"

"She was so confused, she was like, 'What are you, a weird bush?'" said Merkel. "It totally made the moment."