This $15 Kmart beauty product just dyed this chick's skin green

trending 17/10/2019

Kmart, the home of affordable home interiors, an endless supply of fake plants that you can actually keep alive longer than 10 minutes, and to Kerrie Sackville's surprise, a bath bomb that leaves you feeling a little... green. 

"In the school holidays, I took my 11-year-old daughter for a stroll around Kmart. I bought a couple of pairs of leggings and some batteries, and she fell on a Make-Your-Own-Bath-Bomb kit." 

"Well, we took the kit home and she got to work making her bombs. It took about an hour in total; 20 minutes for her to make the bombs, and 40 minutes for me to clean up the mess. There was green on the table and green on the floor and green on her hands and a bit of green in her hair, and if you think that should have alerted me to a potential issue, you are right."

"But I love Kmart! So, I didn't worry at all when my daughter took those bath bombs and dropped one in her bath."

"Mum! Come here!" my daughter shouted from the bathroom. "Look at this!"

"I trudged to the bathroom, swung open the door, and nearly choked on my own tongue. What I saw was horrifying. My daughter stood in the bath, arms above her head, laughing hysterically. And she was GREEN."

Look, mum! I'm an alien!


This legit looks like a scene out of Shrek...

Credit: Kerri Sackville - author of Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife.