New bath bomb designed to take your fake tan off in 10 minutes

trending 07/10/2019

Fake tanning is the best, but removing it isn't as fun... 

A tanning company has come to the rescue with possibly the best invention ever which will get your dark fake tan off in 10 minutes.  

Fake tan always looks great for a few days, but there's nothing worse when it starts to become patchy by Monday, and you just want it gone. 

Three sisters from Belfast have come to the rescue by creating a bath bomb which completely exfoliates the tan off your body. Lynsey Bennett, Leah White and Sarah White, own The Secret Day Spa and tan about 50 girls a week, so they know their stuff.

The idea came from the popularity of their regular bath bombs. They explain how harsh some of those exfoliators are on your skin when you try to scrub off your old fake tan. 

So we wanted something that was made of essential oils and something that would really nourish the skin.

This bath bomb is packed full of essential oils which will hydrate your skin as well as get rid of the patchiness. Also, the bonus of this is that it makes your bathroom smell like lemon and grapefruit, yummm. 

This dreamy bath is super quick too, and the bath bombs will have your tan gone within 10 minutes, this sounds like an absolute winner, and it'll only set you back $16 NZD from Lusso Tan!