Netflix to crack down on sharing your password with mates

scandal 22/10/2019

Bad news for all us using our mates Netflix account...

Let's be honest, most of us are still using our parents or a friends Netflix account instead of getting our own or if you're the one taking one for the team and paying for it, you're the real MVP.

But that could all be about to change as Netflix is looking to crack down on sharing passwords.

During the streaming site's Q3 2019 Earnings meeting, chief product officer, Greg Peters, was asked about password sharing and if they're planning on doing anything about it. 

Peters said that it's something the site is monitoring and are "looking at a solution".

The good news is from the sounds of things, while it's a hot topic for Netflix, it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. Peters went on to say they're looking at ways to address password sharing without "alienating a certain portion of [its] user base”.