Melissa Lucarelli responds to Jules and Cam allegedly axing her from their wedding

scandal 15/10/2019

Not even being locked up in the #EdgeSafeHouse can keep Mel Lucarelli safe from the latest MAFS Scandal!

News hit the tabloids in Aussie early yesterday morning that her so-called Married At First Sight AU besties, Jules & Cam, have dropped her as a bridesmaid at their wedding.

A source close to the couple told New Idea:

Jules isn’t having Mel as a bridesmaid anymore, but she hasn’t actually told her yet. It’s going to be so awkward when she does because it’s only a few weeks away and Mel has no idea.

During a chat with Dom, Meg and Randell, Mel exclusively addresses these rumours.

She was contacted by media for comment yesterday and wasn't initially sure if there was any truth to the story:

Who would do that to someone three weeks before the wedding if your really good friends. We're besties...

Mel has since reached out to Jules, yet is still just as confused as to if and why she has been axed: 

I didn't really get a hit back from Jules denying that it was fake...

Surely there's a reason right? Like, to dump someone off the bridal party so close to the wedding?

All details of Jules and Cam's wedding were originally under wraps with all guests required to sign NDA's, with even Mel, a bridesmaid, not even knowing the venue, date, or any of the info for that matter.

So as you can imagine, this all came as a massive shock to Mel...