Kanye West opens up about the time he fell in love with Kim K

scandal 08/10/2019

It seems like that Kanye loves his wife Kim as much as he loves himself. A new True Hollywood Story is being released on Sunday about the one and only Kim K. A newly released clip is rather cute as Kanye reveals the moment he fell in love with Kim. 

Kim explains how when they met back in 2002, Kanye used to ask everyone who she was, but some people tried putting him off, saying she would ruin his reputation. 

But Kanye clears up that rumour in the interview explaining that. 

Every time I was around her or I saw her, and it was a magnetic attraction to this force of energy, 

He then continues to describe his wife as "good," "pure," "happy," "loving," "courageous" and "strong." 

We must admit, this is pretty cute!