Guy announces he's leaving The Edge, Steph returns as new host

scandal 23/10/2019

It's a big ol' day for the Edge fam...

After just announcing that Jono and Ben are leaving The Edge later this year, our Workday host Guy has also announced that he'll be leaving.

Guy, who joined us back in 2016 on The Edge Nights with Guy, Steph & Stuntman Sam, then The Edge Workday with Guy & Sam, is taking a step away from the mic and pursuing a new chapter with The Morning Rumble boys over at The Rock.

Former Edge host Steph Monks, who has been off travelling the world for the last 10 months, will be returning to her on-air roots as the new Workday host.

Guy, although sad about leaving, is stoked about this new opportunity:

"My time at The Edge has been freaking amazing and I've enjoyed every single day I've worked here."

I've been set on fire, locked in two Safe Houses, and interviewed some amazing people. It's so cool that Steph will be jumping into the Workday role because she oozes talent and is one of the nicest people I've ever worked with.

"Thank you to everyone who's been a part of my Edge journey and I'm super excited to start my new chapter as a Producer on The Rock's Morning Rumble!"

Steph, who was previously at The Edge for 5 years, is pretty damn pumped to get back into it:

"After an amazing year off overseas, I'm so happy to be joining The Edge again."

The team here are world class in what they do, and are some of my favourite people ever. And now that I'll have my nights free, who wants me in their indoor netball team.

We're so happy for both of these guys, they're going to smash it!

Guy's last show will be this Friday, October 25th.