Couple spend $10,000 on Harry Potter themed wedding with broomstick rides

trending 18/10/2019

Couple Kayleigh, 29, and Amy, 27, are so obsessed with Harry Potter that they decided to theme their whole wedding around it. 

The pair spent £5,000 ($10,000 NZD) on their big day, including broomstick rides and wand duels. That's actually a pretty cheap wedding in comparison to a lot to be fair! And it will definitely be memorable. 

"We are both obsessed with Harry Potter – we were both already into it when we met two years ago. When Kayleigh proposed, I thought straight away 'we have to have a Harry Potter wedding,'" said Amy.

The wedding guests watched the brides produce rings from the chapter of The Half Blood Prince 'The Unbreakable Vow', then sign their marriage certificate with quills and receive gifts including a talking Sorting Hat. Sounds more fun than most weddings tbh. 

And when they crept away from their guests, their photographer ensured they could live out their wildest Hogwarts fantasies with some help from some Photoshop special effects – despite having never seen the films. Thanks to a bit of computer wizardry, the pair could be seen flying through the air on broomsticks, casting spells at Voldemort, preparing to enter a Floo Powder portal and hiding from giant spider Aragog (we don't know if he did the best job if we're honest, but we're sure the brides were happy...?)

"Most of our friends were on board with the theme – we even got Harry Potter gifts including a talking sorting hat. I have been reading and re-reading the books since I was a child, I have probably read it more times than I can count. My favourite characters are McGonagall and Tonks – I like Tonks because I’m a Hufflepuff and she makes us interesting, and McGonagall because she is a role model," said Amy.

Kayleighs favourite characters are Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix. Yeah the girls.