Air NZ's hilarious 'safety video' for Irish fans before this weeks All Black's game

scandal 18/10/2019

Ahead of the All Blacks vs Ireland Rugby World Cup semi-final, our national carrier has decided to prepare a brief 'safety video' for our Irish friends.

The tongue-in-cheek video warns fans in green that their journey to the World Cup may not be as smooth as they're expecting.

"Having won two out of the last three games, some Irish supporters may be expecting a pleasant journey. However, we happen to think you might be in for some upcoming turbulence," the video's flight attendants say.

The attendants warn about saying buckled up during the haka, keeping all electronic devices stowed away to avoid 'flying' at the screen in front, and knowing the brace position.

"In the event of an early New Zealand try, lean forward into the crouch position with your head in your hands."

"Should the game go down to the wire, an oxygen mask will automatically drop down. Otherwise, please remain seated until your disappointment has come to a complete halt."

Watch the full funny 'safety video' from Air NZ in the video above.