Meet the cast of Love Island Australia Season 2

scandal 01/10/2019

Meet the first 11 sexy singles competeing on the second season of Love Island Australia...

The premiere is just over a week away, so that means we’ll get to meet all these horny aspiring Instagram celebrities very soon!

Though there are ten islanders in the official image, there are eleven in total who we’ll be getting to know in the first episode.

Let’s go through them now...

Cartier, 19, Lifeguard, NSW: @cartiersurjan

  • A born-again Christian, Cartier says she has old-fashioned values and morals an will consider it a “blessing” if she finds love on the show.

Jessie, 23, Waitress, Tasmania: @jessiereneewynter

  • A former Miss Universe contender, Jessie describes her personality as “ditzy”.

Vanessa, 24, Businesswoman, NSW: @vanessasierra

  • Describing herself as a “ride or die chick”, Vanessa is thirsting after a dude who goes to the gym.

Cynthia, 23, Model, QLD: @taylu_me

  • Cynthia is looking for a man with “quiet confidence” who doesn’t show off, so good luck, Cynthia.

Cassie, 27, Executive Assistant, NSW: @cassielansdell

  • Cassie says she has “so many different personalities”, like a “random one” and a “sweet and innocent one".

Eoghan, 24, Real Estate Agent, QLD: @eoghannmurphy

  • Mystery man Eoghan also claims to have “old-fashioned values”, whatever that means.

Gerard, 23, Personal Trainer, WA: @bodymajic

  • Gerard runs a personal training business and volunteer coaches a footy team for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Matthew, 24, Wrestler/Model, NSW: @mattzukowski

  • Matthew modeled with season one’s Justin Lacko in Milan, and also works as a wrestler under the name Charlie Matthews.

Adam, 27, Plasterer, QLD: @adzyfarrugia

  • Adam describes himself as the “the token tattooed funny guy” and as he’s never had a “proper girlfriend".

Sam, 28, DJ, Melbourne: @djsamwithers

  • Sam has played at after parties for the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake.

Maurice, 27, Media Executive, NSW: @mauricesalib

  • Maurice considers himself the “whole package” and is looking for a spiritual connection.

And, of course, beloved host Sophie Monk will return to the series, with sassy narrator Eoghann McDermott by her side.

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