Chernobyl's control room is open to tourists because why not go there on holiday?

scandal 03/10/2019

Know someone who'd be up for going here?

After more than 30 years, tourists are being allowed in to the site of one of the worlds most infamous nuclear disasters.

The control room to Chernobyl's reactor four, has opened to tourists despite having 40,000 times the normal level of radiation.

As you've most likely seen in HBO's Chernobyl, the control room is one of the most notable sites from the 1986 disaster.

Tourists will be made to wear full face masks, anti-radiation suits as well as large industrial boots before entering the room.

However they'll only be allowed inside for five minutes. Any longer and they'd be exposed to unsafe radiation levels.

Since the release of HBO's show based on the disaster, Chernobyl has seen a boost in people wanting to visit the eerie city.

More than 85,000 visitors have visited Chernobyl so far this year with even more expected with the opening of the control room.