Caramilk cream cheese exists. that's it. that's all we need to say.

scandal 03/10/2019

Only a few days after Cadbury announced that Caramilk was coming back to supermarket shelves, Aussie Caramilk fans have discovered something else that's been kept under the radar.

Caramilk. Cream Cheese.

According to multiple Australian news sources, the combination is only available for a limited time over the ditch and there's been no confirmation as to whether or not it will make its way to New Zealand too.

As if it's any surprise, the Caramilk Philiadelphia cream cheese combo is blowing people's minds for how good it is.

Many who haven't tried it want to, and those who have tried it have suggested stocking up on the deliciousness.

So Cadbury, if you're reading this, we politely ask iF WE CAN PLEASE, sorry.... if we can please have this in New Zealand too.