Auckland woman dyes her old wedding dress black to support the All Blacks

trending 24/09/2019

An Auckland woman has taken her love for the All Blacks to the next level by getting her white wedding dress dyed black. 

On K Road, Steinlager has set up a black laundry to support our boys and black at the world cup. Elle Crowhurst took it to the next level taking in her wedding dress to get recreated. Her marriage is no longer, and what better way to recreate a wedding dress of an unsuccessful marriage than dye it black!

It was because I just didn't know what to do with it. I felt like I couldn't give it away. I didn't want to have it hanging in my wardrobe. I felt like I couldn't bin it. So to die it seems like it's recreating it. Emotionally sending it away.

"They've got my wedding dress. My marriage wasn't successful, therefore my dress had been turned black, so the game is going to be successful."

A pretty fun way to keep your wedding dress, without bad memories.