Putting a peanut slab inside a steak pie is one of the best combos according to this kiwi

trending 12/08/2019

Newshub's Sarah Templeton writes Albert Cho, who has racked up over 34,000 followers on his Instagram page Eat Lit Food, has caused an uproar on Instagram by posting images of a chocolate-and-meat-filled pie sure to appeal only to those with the munchies. 

"I was just like you. I was absolutely disgusted when I first heard of this combination," Cho wrote in the post's caption, before adding it's "genuinely one of the most insane things I've ever put in my mouth". 

Instructions for putting the 'Cooney Hooney' together include: "Go to the gas station, preferably BP because Wild Bean is f**king wild and get a meat pie. Just make sure there's no cheese in it, because that's too f**king far.

"Take the lid off the pie - a small incision is plenty - take your peanut slab and shove that f**ker in there. Close the lid of the pie, put it back in the paper bag, act like it never happened and just let it sit for about five minutes so it can melt, marinate and create f**king magic. 

"Take a bite and I swear, on my left tit, that your horizons will f**king expand and explode. "

Cho gave the creation a hefty "14/10", but many fans weren't convinced. 

One Instagram user simply wrote: "Delete this". 

"I'm calling the police," added another. 

But after seeing the post, we wanted to try it out for ourselves. After a trip to BP to pick up some peppersteak pies, we sat Jono, Ben, and Sharyn down to try out the polarizing combo for ourselves.

Watch the full vid above to see what they thought.