Someone's figured out how to make giant Mars Pods at home and it's food goals

trending 06/09/2019

Cancel your weekend plans, you've got some baking to do!

One of our favourite treats to get from the supermarket is the humble Pod. But while they've got some great flavours, nothing compares to the one and only Mars.

But luckily for us, one homechef has cracked the system and figured out a (dangerously) easy way to create pods at home. 

But the catch is, they are giant pods, filled with as much gooey goodness as your heart desires. 

Posting on the facebook group Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips, the homechef said 'Just finished making homemade mars mega pods from my slow cooked caramel 😍'.

'To make the caramel I put one can of sweetened condensed milk (Nestle brand) in my slow cooker, pull ring side down, filled cooker with water so the can was about an inch under water and left on high for 6 hours (also put then can on baking paper before filling with water to save it marking the bottom of the slow cooker).' they continued.

‘After the 6 hours I turned the cooker off and let the tin cool in the water over night. This morning I warmed butternut snap biscuits (arrnotts brand) in the oven until soft, pushed a spoon in the middle of each biscuit to curve them and then let the biscuits cool.

‘Filled the cooled biscuits with caramel. Then melted 150 grams of milk chocolate buttons (Nestle brand) in the slow cooker on high for 10-15mins just until melted and smooth and spread on top of each caramel filled biscuit.

‘Put in the fridge to set. The caramel is so yummy I had to resist eating it out the tin with a spoon!’

We know what we're doing this weekend!