People are loving this $79 Kmart cordless vacuum

trending 23/08/2019

Yes, ANOTHER Kmart product everyone is going wild over. Can they do anything wrong?

The latest in the Kmart products you need to buy is this 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuum, according to everyone raving about it online. 

One fan posted it to the 'Kmart Hacks & Decor' Facebook group, saying that it picked up more hair, dirt and debris from her rug than a $600 vacuum, posting these pics:

Others jumped in with more positive praise for the product, with one saying "I have the same vac, absolutely love it,"

And another: "I bought one a couple of days ago & was really surprised how good it is, 2 speed settings, running time is on low is 30-40 minutes, high is 20-30 minutes. I have used it on cork tiles, polished boards, carpet, & carpet tiles & mats. I have long hair & it is great for picking it up & you can take out the roller from the head & run scissors through the hair to clear it, also can be hung on wall, for the price it's more than I expected. :)"

Yes, we're lame for getting excited about household products, but it's CORDLESS and looks like it works so well. Weekend Kmart trip incoming.