Pandora is releasing a Harry Potter collection and omg take all my money

trending 20/08/2019

If you're as obsessed with Harry Potter as we are, we've got some news that'll warm your muggle heart right up!

This week, Pandora announced that they've teamed up with the wizarding world for a new Harry Potter collection.

The collection will be made up of 12 different designs and while we don't know what they'll be just yet, we've got our fingers crossed for charm bracelets inspired by the Hogwarts Houses.

"Harry Potter has brought joy and a belief in magic to generations and Pandora fans have asked for this collection for years." Pandora's chief creative and brand officer, Stephen Fairchild, told bustle.

"Pandora jewellery brings personal stories to life, and the friendship, love, and bravery told in Harry Potter resonates with Pandora’s fans. We’re thrilled to bring this collection to fans around the world."

Before you start rushing to the mall, the new collection isn't set to come out till 28th of November later this year. One the plus side though, now we know what we want for Christmas!