Millennials are watching Netflix so much that they aren't having sex

trending 09/08/2019

Our generation has become known as the Hookup Generation, thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble making casual meet ups and sex much more common. 

Yes, hookup culture is a real thing, but that doesn't mean everyone's doing it. 

In fact, acording to research, millennials are actually having much less sex than previous generations. Yikes. 

Research published in the journal 'Archives of Sexual Behaviour' found that young adults between the ages of 20 and 24 were over twice as likely to say they'd had no sexual partners since they were 18 than young adults born in the 1960s.

Just over 15% of the millennials polled reported they hadn't had sex since they turned 18, compared to 6% in the 60s. The research was conducted in the US, surveying almost 27,000 people. 

Ryne Sherman of Florida Atlantic University, the co-author of the research, said this research goes against popular notions that casual sexual encounters are becoming more common among millennials due to things like the internet and online dating.

"You would expect, based on the popular notion that with apps such as Tinder, it’s a group that is looking for hook-ups and not long-term relationships. [But] what we are seeing is this group is less likely to hook-up, so to speak, than previous generations," he said. 

So while Tinder and the like have definitely boosted the casual sex game, there are a lot of other factors effecting the amount of sex we're having. 

For example, young people living at home for longer may mean pressing pause on their sex lives, plus easy access to porn, the rise of video game popularity, and the internet in general giving us too much distraction. 

That's where Netflix comes in - research conducted by the 'Wall Street Journal' found that one in four adults in relationships said they'd chosen streaming TV over sex at least once in the past six months. 

There's also a huge difference between the younger and older generations - 36% of those aged 18-38 say they'd chosen Netflix over sex, whereas 16% of people aged 39 and over said the same. 

Kate Moyle, a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist said that part of this is because the internet has 'completely changed the way we live our lives'. 

"A huge common connector is what people are watching. For example, on Netflix it’s a mix of education, entertainment and getting so much of what interests us in a more passive way," she said.

"Platforms like this offer us so much of what we need, also in terms of relaxation with modern life being so stressful and busy, and without the ability to switch off with us always being contactable/accessible,"

"Sex has slipped down our priority list and is a big source of pressure and anxiety for many, meaning that it perhaps doesn’t always offer the positives that it used to – particularly when there is an unlimited amount of entertainment via our screens and online services."

In other words, Netflix and Chill has become Netflix and actual chill. Who would've thought.