McDonald's are trialing a new McVeggie burger in NZ

scandal 15/08/2019

Get ready vegetarians, a new burger is coming your way!

This week, McDonald's started trialing a new McVeggie burger in some of their Auckland restaurants.

The burger comes with a vegetable patty with a coating made up of potato, peas, corn, carrot, and onion.

While it is called the McVeggie, there'll be some vegetarians who might not be up for trying it after McDonald's admitted that it is fried using the same equipment as their McChicken patties.

"We're always looking to change and evolve our menu and a number of our customers have asked us to look at plant-based burgers" said McDonald's NZ General Manager.

The trial will only be for two weeks at Auckland's Mt Wellington, Royal Oak and Stoddard Rd restaurants but a spokesperson for McDonald's has said that if all goes well and the burger proves to be popular enough, they'll permanently add it to their menu in the next 6 to 12 months.