Maccas launch mini takeaway-only stores for lunch on the go

trending 09/08/2019

We all know fast food isn't always fast - especially when you're in the queue behind the family who's ordered almost the entire restaurant in one go.

Sometimes you just want to pop in, grab a burger, and get out. Job done. And Maccas are starting to make that a lot more achieveable with the launch of their new 'to go' restaurants. 

The first Maccas To Go has opened on Fleet Street in London, with more on the way. The stores have no in-store seating, and all food is ordered through self-service touchscreens. 

The menu includes a limited selection of favourites, so you're not waiting for a masterpiece personalised creation - just the basic Big Macs, McNuggets, wraps and all the good stuff. The staff will have the popular meals ready to go at peak times to keep wait times down. 

Henry Trickey, head of IT for McDonald’s, said: "Changing tastes, new technology and more competition mean we need to continue to innovate,"

"We know that 'one size doesn't fit all' and that's exactly why we are launching McDonald's to Go. We want to trial different formats in different locations, depending on customer needs."

We think it's a great idea, especially for busy cities where people just want to pop out for a quick bite on their lunch break.