Love 'Mindhunter'? Then you'll be obsessed with Netflix's latest crime thriller

scandal 05/09/2019

If you're anything like us, you'll be slightly regretting binge-watching the latest Mind Hunter the first week it came out because now we're left with nothing else to watch.

But luckily the wait is over thanks to be brand new show!

Netflix's latest crime thriller, called 'Criminal', is centred around the best part of Mind Hunter, the interrogation rooms. 

The show, starring David Tennant and Marvel's Hayley Atwell, will be made up of 12 episodes, focusing on different crimes across Germany, France, the UK, and Spain.

Showrunner George Kay spoke to Variety about the new show saying how excited he is about the new show.

"Since The Sopranos and The Wire serial drama has really held everyone’s attention in the last decade or so.

So it’s really exciting to bring back an episodic story which is police-themed. TV viewers worldwide are so fluent in how TV works, able to appreciate an original show and their own remake."

Criminal drops on Netflix September 20th.