Lena Dunham awkwardly tried to kiss Brad Pitt on red carpet and we're cringing

scandal 01/08/2019

How's your day been so far? good? we'll, we hate to raise your cringe level up to 1000 by showing you some very questionable photos of Lena Dunham trying to kiss Brad Pitt.

The pair were joined by fellow stars, including Leonardo Dicaprio and Margot Robbie,  at the red carpet premiere of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

But as the cast stopped for their photo, something peculiar happened...

It was as Lena Dunham went up to Brad Pitt that things got confusing. We're not sure if she was bravely going in for a kiss on the lips, or maybe it was a meant to be a peek on the check, or who knows, it could've even been to whisper in his ear.

Instead, what ended up happening was a mixture of all three and, well, just have a look at the photo for yourself.

Credit: Getty Images

It might just be the angle of the photo, but that didn't stop Twitter from having some...thoughts.