Kiwi shoe brand Allbirds have opened their first NZ store


Footwear giant Allbirds are opening their first New Zealand store.

The store opened its doors in the Britomart Precinct in Auckland on Thursday after four years of Allbirds building a devoted following online.

Allbirds already has stores in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

Allbirds opened its first store under its offices in San Francisco in 2017.

Co-founder Tim Brown said the challenge for the company was transferring the online experience to an offline location.

The store will allow customers to come in and touch the materials and learn about the supply chain, he said. 

The layout of the store was built around a service bar that was inspired by the volcanos of Auckland.

While Brown hoped the company would eventually be able to open more stores in New Zealand, the Auckland store was it "for now".