KFC is releasing vegan fried chicken

trending 27/08/2019

KFC is about to bless all the vegans with 'Beyond Meat' fried chicken!

KFC will soon become the world's first quick service restaurant "to introduce a plant-based chicken." They teamed up with Beyond Meat to create "Beyond Fried Chicken," which will debut at an Atlanta KFC location today.

KFC will offer Beyond Fried Chicken two ways: one as a nugget with dipping sauce, and the other as a boneless "wing" smothered in your choice of Nashville Hot, Honey BBQ or Buffalo sauce.

And while the fake "chicken" itself is 100% plant-based, it is prepared in a shared fryer, so strict vegans should take note.

We don't yet know if KFC will offer this deliciously fake "chicken" here in New Zealand, but we can only hope that the good people of Atlanta show up at KFC tomorrow to make their interests known!