Four day working weeks make people happier and more productive

trending 23/08/2019

A trial conducted by NZ company Perpetual Guardian last year switched 240 staff from five day working weeks to four days, and had amazing results. 

The trial was hugely successful, finding that there was no reduction in the amount of work being done - take note boss!

The staff reported that they felt a reduction in stress levels, their work life balance improved, and most importantly: their pay stayed the same. No pay was cut for working less days. THE DREAM.

Staff from University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology monitored the eight week trial, following which the project made major waves overseas. This launched the 4 Day Week Global community, where everyone interested in this way of working can connect, share ideas and help create the movement.

"When we started everybody's initial reaction was 'how am I ever going do my work in four days rather than five'. So the fact that the trial indicates that not only could they do their work in four days, but they could do it better in four days, is something I find extraordinarily surprising," said Andrew Barnes, the founder. 

So pass the news on to your boss and try and get amongst the movement - how good does a long weekend EVERY weekend sound?!