Disney+ will release episodes weekly instead of all at once

trending 30/08/2019

We finally got a release date for Disney+ in NZ a few weeks back, but some new info about the service has been announced and it means NO MORE BINGEING. Whaaaaaat.

Yeah, sorry guys, but Disney+ will be releasing episodes once a week instead of all at once. This used to be the usual, but Netflix releasing everything at once has kinda ruined patience for us tbh.

Guess we'll just have to start a whole bunch of shows at once...

Disney did give us some good news though - they announced a bunch of new content including the first trailer for High School Musical: The Musical Series, a new Lady and the Tramp movie, and of course the LIZZIE MCGUIRE SERIES!!!

There's seriously so much to look forward to on Disney+. Bring on November 19th!