A crew of service dogs watched a live musical for training and it's cute af

trending 23/08/2019

Our dream audience if we were in a show tbh. 

12 future service dogs attended a performance of 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' in Canada as part of their service training, and they were very good boys and girls. 

The event was part of a two-year training program by K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, head trainer Laura MacKenzie said. The future service dogs have toured zoos, subways and crowded fairs to acclimate them to the unfamiliar lights and sounds, rapid movements and bustling crowds they might encounter with their handler, she said.

At the theater, the dogs are expected to sit under the seat or curl up at their handlers' feet while their humans enjoy the show, she said. They stayed calm and quiet throughout the performance, but a few curious pups apparently peeked their furry heads over the seats to catch a few minutes of the show.

Ann Swerdfager of the Stratford Festival which the performance was part of said that many of the theater's patrons bring their service dogs to performances, so the company was "thrilled" to host the dogs for training.

The non-profit theater company hosts "relaxed performances" designed for audiences sensitive to light, sound and noise - a perfect training ground for service-dog hopefuls.

A new crew of dogs will return to the theater in October for another relaxed performance and maybe a glimpse of theatrical magic, Swerdfager said.

"The dogs were extremely well behaved," she said. "We hope they will join us for years to come."