This MAFS NZ Groom has an outstanding charge for domestic violence

scandal 29/08/2019

One of the new grooms on the upcoming season of Married At First Sight NZ has an outstanding charge for domestic violence it's been revealed.

After obtaining court documents, Stuff is reporting that Chris Mansfield was arrested in 2009, while in the US, on a 'criminal complaint of domestic violence'.

Mansfield was released on bail before pleading not guilty at a pre-trial hearing. However at his next scheduled hearing, Chris never showed up. 

A warrent, along with a bail of $500, was issued for Mansfield after failing to appear on the domestic violence charge but in the 10 years since, it's never been paid.

Stuff reports that the warrant, and the domestic violence charges, are therefore still outstanding, confirmed by the Seattle Municipal Court.

In a statement, a spokesperson for MediaWorks has said "MediaWorks were not aware of these allegations against Chris Mansfield until today. We are looking into it as a matter of urgency."