Netflix has cancelled 'The OA' and we are not OK

scandal 06/08/2019

We honestly want to cancel our Netflix subsription right now (Well get our parents or that ex you haven't spoken to in 4 years but are still using their login to cancel it).

If you haven't seen the show, it was pretty out there to say the least.

In season one, the show followed a young blind woman, Prairie Johnson, who after disappearing for years, returned not only with her sight, but with a way to travel to different dimensions. 

Still following? Good, because in season two things went up a notch.

Spoiler Alert: spoilers for season two are coming up....

Without giving too much away, in season two, Prairie travelled to another dimension, became a Russian heiress, met a telepathic octopus and had one of the most meta cliff-hangers ever (we'll let you find out what that was for yourself).

But now we'll never get to find out what was going to happen in season three.

Earlier today, Brit Marling, creator of the show and actress behind the main character, announced that the show has been cancelled.

"Zal and I are deeply sad not to finish this story." The star wrote on Instagram. "The first time I heard the news I had a good cry." 

The news comes as a shock for fans who had to wait over two years for the second season to be released.

Just three days ago, one of the stars of the show, Jason Isaacs who plays Hap, took to Instagram and Twitter to tease a third season.

Sharing a behind the scenes clip, Isaacs said "A peek behind #TheOA curtain: Homer and Hap stepping it up and sweating like Sumos."

“To the many obsessed and wonderful devotees who approach me all over the world to ask if and when we're carrying on the story: I'm in the same club as you." He continued. I think it's utterly brilliant, I'm dying to know what happens next and I'm waiting for the phone to ring. Don't ask me #AskNetflix!".