'Big Toe Shoes' are now a thing but sorry, it's going to be a no from us

trending 30/08/2019

We've seen our fair share of questionable fashion trends but this is just taking things to the next level...

If while wearing heels, you've ever thought "You know what would make these shoes and my whole outfit look even better? A big toe" Well, today is your lucky day.

Fashion label Y Project, are now selling heels that puts your big toe in the spotlight. The lone ranger is left out in the open on it's own while the rest of your toes try and hide from what's going on next to them.

These shoes don't come at a bargain either. 

Y Project are selling them for for just under $1,000 and they're almost all sold out!

So if you're all about these shoes, you better get in quick (or you could just cut a big toe sized hole out of a pair you already own and save yourself some cash...)