Whinging at work proven to be beneficial

trending 19/07/2019

Sometimes it's just too hard not to lean over to your workmate a have a whinge. And yes it probably does distract you from your work, but it now might have been proven to be beneficial!

New research by Vanessa Pouthier from the University of Melbourne studied a group of health professionals in the U.S to see how their relationships between staff members were affected over the year.

And the best thing she found from this research, was that workers who joked and whinged together had the most significant boosts in their moods.

 Generally, people don’t think there’s any value to it or they think it has no place in the workplace.

“It helps people to process stress and frustration, and you notice palpable changes when team members engaged in both activities.”

Even though the research proves its benefits be careful when getting too whingey at work as it can turn nasty quickly!