The new trailer for "Cats" makes it look creepy af and we're confused


If you're anyone who knows anything, you'll know about the musical that is Cats. And you may or may not know that that musical is being turned into a movie. 

Universal has finally released the trailer for its film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mysteriously successful musical Cats, and, well, it's kinda of mind effed us tbh because everyone is creepily...cats...

Or at least A-list stars rendered catlike by advanced “digital fur technology,” that somehow still gives them humanoid bodies? And they’re surrounded by gigantic furniture to make them cat-size? Anyway, the movie stars Taylor Swift as Bombalurina, Idris Elba as Macavity, Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy, James Corden as Bustopher Jones, Rebel Wilson as Jennyanydots, Jason Derulo as Rum Tum Tugger, Ian Mckellen as Gus the Theatre Cat, and of course Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella, a.k.a. the one who gets to belt “Memory.”

Cats is out December this year.